PPWizard Workshop Source Codes

PPWizard source codes of this web site are available in a zipped archive (6 kB, updated 2003-01-31).


Right now, the source codes of this web site are very simple, however it's work in progress, so check it out for update. The archive above contains the following files:


This is the basic template used to format all pages. It contains the HTML structure of the page (DOCTYPE, <head>, <body>, etc.) and about ten macro referencies. The most important macros are MainText and SideBar that are replaced with the contents of the main (left) column and the contents of the side bar (right column).

The layout of the home page slightly differs from other pages, what is achieved via small conditional portion of the template and via cascading stylesheets (CSS).


This is the source file of the home page. It defines the contents of the all necessery macros, namely Homepage (a flag to distinct the home page from other pages), DocTitle (content of the <title> tag), MainText (content of the left column) and SideBar (news list in the right column). In the end it includes tpl_main.ih.

News list (blog entries) are not defined directly. Instead the Blog.ih file is included (see below).


This is a script that should iteratively include the most recent blog entries (small news articles). Just now it includes all files with the names matching the mask b2003????-??. The logic of this script has to by improved soon and your suggestions are welcome.

b20030130-01.ih, b20030131-01.ih

These are the sample blog entries.


The source code of this page.


The source code of the Links page.