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PPWizard Workshop is my attempt to gather a community of PPWizard users and developers. Let's share our knowledge and experience to build a library of reusable PPWizard components and applications. Feel free to use anything you can find here and feel free to contribute with your ideas and solutions. Whether you are an experienced PPWizard user or a newbie, join the community and help me to keep this web site as useful as possible.

The first target

My first and the most wanted (although not the only one) target is to build a flexible content management system (CMS) for publishing magazine or journal type of contents. Something, what could be used for small personal publishing (e.g. like Blogger) as well as running a midsize webzine.

Actually, this web site can serve as a lab for testing such a system. I'm going to publish articles (preferably your ones) here and run a simple weblog (journal).

What is PPWizard

PPWizard is a wonderful free text preprocessor for OS/2, Windows, DOS and UNIX developed and maintained by Dennis Bareis. You can use it quite similarly like PHP or ASP with the one exception: PPWizard is not server side scripting engine. It runs on your own local PC and generates static files based on your templates, scripts and even databases.

What are the benefits of this approach in comaprison with server side technologies like PHP or ASP?

  • You need not purchase a more expensive web hosting with server side scripting capabilities, while you can still generate your web site from templates and/or database.
  • Generated files are normal static pages, much more search engine friendly than dynamic ones.
  • You can use PPWizard to build not only HTML pages, but any text files, including C++ source codes, PHP scripts, RTF documentation, etc.

Read more about PPWizard and download it for free at Dennis Bareis' web site.

About me

My name is Marek Prokop and I'm an independent webdesigner and marketing consultant. I wrote a book on CSS (in Czech) and about 100 articles on various web related topics. Some of them were published in English in my CSS Workshop.